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With the city renewing the streets, 96 Street is being rebuilt, including a bike lane, which is wonderful for our neighbourhood and is a good thing. The side-effect is that it will replace the limited parking spots in front of our church. This is especially important for access for funerals, as well as those with limited mobility.

As a solution, Sacred Heart wants to buy the small playground just south of the rectory, which was formerly used by Sacred Heart School. As that’s no longer needed, the school board is willing to sell it. But we need the City’s approval. This is where you come in. We need you to look up your city councillor (listed in the link below) and send an email or letter to them supporting this.

Note that we would never ask if this would impact kids in the neighbourhood. What’s important to know is that there’s now a renewed playground at the much bigger and nicer Giovanni Caboto Park, including a city Green Shack program, a spray park, fountain, and more, just one block east.

By supporting Sacred Heart purchasing the old Sacred Heart playground, your city councillor will be enabling Canada’s National Indigenous Parish to continue to hold funerals, serve the disabled, and serve as a beacon of reconciliation in action. While costing the city nothing and enabling street renewal and sustainable transpiration at our own cost, and no cost to taxpayers.

Please write and help!

Link to List of City Councillors